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Company Introduction

KingTouch Technology Group Limited (Who including Xiamen KingTouch Technology Co., Ltd) founded in 2003 and located in Shenzhen from China is a touch technology-leading Group company which focus on developing and manufacturing touch products and touch solutions of human machine user interface, Such as: infrared(IR) Single-touch, Dual-touch and Multi touch Overlay, 4 Wire and 5 Wire Resistive touch screen,Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen, Interactive touch foil film through glass, Projected and Surface Capacitive touch screen, Optical touch screen, Touch LCD Monitor, Touch Kiosk, Multi-touch LCD Monitor and Advertisement POS, Etc. So KingTouchGroup’s touch products had been widely used in Office Computor, Industrial equipment, Game Machine, Kiosk, POS, Automotive system, Medical equipments, Handheld GPS, Tablet PC, 4S Shop, Bus station, Metro, Digital signage AD, Hotels, Museums Library and Entertainment KTV, Etc,

KingTouchGroup adopted raw meterials and advanced manucfaturing technology from Taiwan, USA and Japan and got the authentication of ISO14001 Environment Management System and ISO9001 TQM System, Now KingTouchGroup Touch products were certificated by CE, FCC, UL, ETL and RoHS. So KingTouchGroup can satisfy the requirements of most of the customers and customzie special size products according to the needs of the customers.

Following the philosophy of long-term cooperatioin and the "Win-Win" , KingTouchGroup believe we can strive and work more closely with each of customer to create a " Perfect Touch Solution" to satisfy your business needs and development, So we will offer better quality, better service and better prices for you and give you a great return  for your investment profit on your business.

KingTouchGroup Mission:
  • To be an leader in the design and manufacturing techniques related to the touch industry;
  • To provide a complete touch solution alone with application engineering support;
  • To provide superior and qucik customer service in terms of touch technical and general assistance.

Here KingTouchGroup sincerely thank your support and welcome and glad to do the happy and mutually beneficial businees with you who all the friends all over the world.  

 All Touch Screen/Panel Products From KingTouchGroup:

1. Offering Multi-touch Screen/Overlay/Frame/Bezels from 18.5" to 120" with 2,4,6,10,16,32 and 40 touch points 
2. Offering Interactive Touch Foil from Through Glass 30" to 180" with single-touch and dual-touch
3. Offering 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen from 3.0" to 52"
4. Offering 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen from 8.4" to 22"
5. Offering SAW Touch Screen from 7" to 47" with single-touch and dual-touch
6. Offering IR(Infrared) Touch Screen from 15" to 220" (Single-touch, Dual-touch and Multi-touch)
7. Offering Projected Capacitive Touch Screen from 5" to 52"
8. Offering Surface Capacitive Touch Screen from 5.0" to 22" with single-touch
9. Offering Touch LCD Monitor from 7" to 65" 

Note:  If you can not find touch products or touch size from above list, Pls contact us freely at . we can customize the size according to your requirements.

 Touch Screen Application:


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