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KingTouch Technology Group Limited (Who including Xiamen KingTouch Technology Co., Ltd) founded in 2003 and located in Shenzhen from China is a ....More

KingTouch Multi-touch screen is the most cost-effectiveTrue multi-touch program can be easily installed a variety of projection, LCD or plasma display,support for more than multi-point simultaneous application operation....
※Flexible Film Projected Capacitive Touch Foil Interactive Touch Foil Through Glass ※Projected Capacitive Touch Screen ※Surface Capacitive Touch Screen...
4-Wire Res
4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen: ※Add-on/Internal,Great for general use, demos, trade shows, proto-typing, proof of concepts, low cost touch requirement. ...
40 Touch Points-KingTouchGroup
132 Inch-IR Multi-touch frame-KingT
Water-Proof Multi-Touch Screen Over
Multi-Touch Screen Overlay-KingTouc
32-Touch-Points Multi-touch-KingTou
Multi Touch Screen Overlay-Kingtouc
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